Saturday, October 24, 2009

Healing with natural elements

Traditional healing is a method by which only natural elements are utilized to reduce pains, prevent illness, or cure sickness. Different sickness have different healing techniques because the causes of the sickness varies. Methods use to heal depends on the nature of the sickness.
In Africa those who practice traditional healing in other words trado-medication in some cases require to apply sort of ritualistic ceremony. Although most of these approaches must be looked at as common belief of the practicing healer but that is where their faith lies. To explain the plight of traditional healer let us look into two different ailments: A person suffering from acute headache and another involving in an accident and has his leg broken.
In the first scenario, the patient would be given herbal medicine. The concoction is made out of various leaves from shrubs and may be combines with the bark of tree(s) depending upon the limit of the knowledge of traditional medical personnel involved. The mixture is either cooked and the extract is given to the patient to drink. The only setback in trado-medication is that there is neither quantitative nor qualitative analysis carried out before the medicine is administered it works.
The second scenario varies depending on how the traditional healer learned his healing practices. Some traditional orthopedics would use chicken as a model. The chicken's leg is broken at the same location the patient being treated has his leg broken. The chicken is treated as well as the individual with broken leg. As soon as the chicken walks the patient also walks. Should this be called telepathic healing technique? Of course not because both subjects are present in the same immediate environment.
In the second scenario also some traditional medical practitioners would treat without any process of energy transfer or spiritual manipulations. Some practice libation, some speak and usher out healing commands which the bone and the tissues have to obey thus effecting the healing process. The important facts to note is that traditional healing is a natural process which does not involve laboratory research work. It is borne out of nature and uses all natural elements.

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